Friday, September 09, 2011

An Interview with Miss Muffcake!

I'm super excited about today's post, Kendy of Miss Muffcake graciously agreed to let me pick her brain about vegan food, makeup, and more!  Kendy is one of those great people that I've "met" online and know that if we lived in the same town (or even the same state!) that I'd want to be her friend in "real life."  So without further ado, let's get to know Miss Muffcake, one of my favorite vegans: 

1. How long have you been vegan and what inspired you to make the decision?
I have been vegan for about 12 years now! I was vegetarian for six years prior that - it started off as not wanting to eat meat and little by little learning about the mistreatment of animals. I could not get behind any type of animal suffering. When I first went veg there was the library with a few books, not much store bought food could be found, no internet...Wow is all I can say about this last decade!

Center Stage Skull Hair Bow by Miss Muffcake

2. I love that you blog about vegan, cruelty free makeup and skin care products, can you share a few of your must have products?

I am 32 and often people assume I am in my 20s (big ego boost!) and I believe besides good genes skin care plays a part in it! I cannot live without Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 - it makes my oily skin less oily, has a SPF in it and preps my skin for makeup, I cannot recommend this product enough! I have been rockin' black eyeliner since middle school, it has been my friend through tons of fashion phases - it is a go to classic. My pick for the perfect black liner is E.L.F. - eyeliner pen - goof proof, stays on all day and costs a $1, I buy them in bulk! I dye, bleach, flat iron and tease my hair (I like big hair) and I need a shampoo that gets rid of hair spray, leaves my hair smellin' great and cuts down the frizz and Lush's Cynthia Sylvia Stout delivers, most natural or semi natural shampoos dry my hair out, not this product though!

3. Tell me about your Etsy shop. When did it open? How do you find time to fit your creative work into your day?

My Etsy shop (
Miss Muffcake's Lost and Found) opened in 2009 and came about after doing craft shows. Everyone kept asking me if I had an Etsy shop and I figured it was time to open one up. It started with jewelery and random stuff and after people asked about my hair bows I decided to start making those and listing them. I make things I am really into and could see myself picking up at shows and on Etsy. I usually devote 2 days (Monday and Tuesday) to developing new products and listing them. I get to create in my pajamas (sorry to ruin the glamor here!) products from my heart - you gotta make time for it! I am really not the greatest with time management, ask my boyfriend - I can freak out about time! I try to make a to do list and cross things off. 

Lots of Little Dots Hair Bow

4. You always blog about the most delicious looking foods, what are your favorite dishes to make?

Not to sound cheezey but anything that makes my boyfriend happy! I love making something (especially when he thinks it sounds gross) and him asking for seconds! My cooking approach is like the vegan version of Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee (maybe I need a book deal - Semi Home Made Vegan with MissMuffcake - any takers!?!). I feel that it is OK if you buy cake frosting from the store to use on a cake you made from scratch or making your own pizza dough and using store bought pizza sauce. Making delicious food should not make you cry. Every Wednesday I make pan fried BBQ tofu, easy cheezey mac n cheeze and garlic biscuits that are made from Bisquick (
all recipes are on my blog). Add some fresh watermelon and you have a great meal that is done within 30 minutes because you took help from the store. 

5. Tell me about the vegan scene in your town, are there lots of vegans, lots of vegan or vegan friendly restaurants?

There is not really a vegan scene, we have vegan options at cafes and lots of natural and vegan food found at grocery stores but that is about it. I have organized vegan bake sales for two years now and it is really hard to get bakers - the idea of community only applies when you are popular and cool and I am neither! It is frustrating to organize a vegan event, have people sign up and then never show up! It sucks even more when the next time you see them they ignore you.

6. I've really enjoyed the last two zines you published, can you tell me about your newest zine?

Thanks! Issue 3 is about being happy and healthy. Recently I read a few books targeted to the vegan crowd that looked promising but were nothing more than diet books full of body hating advice. I suffered from anorexia for most of my 20s and have worked hard to balance good food and body love and it is hard. The media, family and friends pump us full of what the perfect body is that we forget that we are all different! I wanted to share some yummy healthy recipes, some stress busting tips and lots of positivity in this issue of my zine! 

Cutie Cupcake Hair Bow

Thanks to Miss Muffcake for the great interview!  Be sure to keep up with her on her blog, etsy shop, Twitter, and Facebook!



missmuffcake said...

Thank you again! You made me feel all happy inside when you told me you want to interview me!

Aliade said...

Great Post! <3 Huge fan of MissMuffCake!

cseneque said...

Great interview! Miss Muffcake is new to me; have to go check out her stuff now!

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