Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Vega Breakfast Challenge

There are few things more exciting to me than trying a new vegan food or products.  So when Vega kindly offered me a sampling of their Whole Food Health Optimizers, I was psyched!  The Vega Breakfast Challenge is all about comparing your normal everyday breakfasts with a serving of Vega powders. 

So here's a regular breakfast for me - an english muffin spread with Earth Balance non-hydrogenated margarine.  I would have included a bit of soy sausage, but that food wasn't included in the Vega calculator. 

Here's how they compare: English Muffin/Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer:  protein (3grams, 26 grams) carbs (13 grams, 22 grams) sugar (o grams, 1 gram) fat (6 grams for both) Omega 3 ( 0 grams, 2500 grams) Vitamin A (501 grams, 5001 grams) Calcium (0 grams, 1100 grams).  As you can see, the Vega breakfast is full of all sorts of healthy nutrients and vitamins that my english muffin is lacking.

Sadly, I found the Vega powders to be lacking in flavor and texture, I actually couldn't finish an entire serving of either the chocolate flavor or the chai.  So while the powders are filled with all sorts of healthy goodness, I personally can't recommend them based on taste alone.  I think one of the main problems is that they are sweetened with something I really can't stand: stevia.  Stevia has a really strong taste (and aftertaste) to me, and it's not a good one.  But I encourage you to try the small packets if you're looking for a new supplement because tastes are subjective and you may just find one you love!   

Be sure to check out Vega through the following links:

Breakfast Challenge


quinn said...

Just a sidenote: I nearly gave up on stevia - tried three brands before finding one that has no weird aftertaste (at least, to me) - it's NuNaturals. All summer I've been putting a few drops of the liquid stevia in nearly every pot of herbal iced tea.

foodfeud said...

I agree with you on the stevia. I love the nutrition in Vega but I wish they'd tone the stevia down - I use it in smoothies and it completely covers the delicious fruit flavors!

Hannah said...

I really wanted to like Vega shakes too, but sadly, I'm just not a fan... Their Vibrancy Bars, however, are fantastic! I'd buy those by the case if they weren't so painfully expensive.

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