Friday, October 21, 2011

Nutridel: Snack Worthy

You guys know I'm always excited to receive yummy vegan foods to try, right?  So I was pretty amped when Nutridel sent me an assortment of their cookies!  And I wasn't disappointed, these healthy little snacks are awesome.

Not your typical "cookie," these snacks are full of nuts, seeds, and other healthy and filling ingredients.  I also love that they're not overly sweet -  in fact, I had the Pecan Cookies for breakfast and I can't handle a breakfast with too much sugar.

According to Nutridel's site, these snacks are only available in stores in California and the Pacific Northwest, but they're also available in their online store.  So give these cookies a try if you see them, I especially recommend the Pecan Cookies!

have any of you guys tried Nutridel Cookies?  What flavor sounds the most tempting?


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