Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Zine Sale!

Halloween is just around the corner so I thought it would be fun to put my Halloween zine, Late October on super sale!  Because I'd honestly like more people to have a copy and enjoy it then make more money on each one :)  If you've been thinking about ordering a copy, now is the time to jump, it's priced at only $2!  I only have 7 copies left and won't be printing any additional copies this year, so don't miss out on yummy vegan recipes, short essays, games, and more - all related to Halloween!

P.S. I only add them into my shop one at a time, so if the current zine is sold, be sure to check back because I relist them as soon as I can!



Kelly said...

Just bought a copy - woohoo! :)

birrrd said...

Hey Kala,
I'd love to have it. Can I paypal you that money?
I'm not on etsy.

my email is denkzwitscher (at) yahoo (dot ) de

Tucana's Dream said...

That went fast :(
I was just trying it out (not knowing if you sent it to Belgium too), but they were gone very fast.
Good for you, though :)
You don't sell any download-items?

Ammie said...

Awesome cuteness!

Cassie - Veganfox said...

Argh! I kept meaning to pick one up and then saw this entry...but made it to late :( If you change your mind about printing any more please let me know!

foodfeud said...

Kala, I don't remember if I ever told you - but I love the copy you sent! Everyone's stuff is great.

VeganCraftastic said...

Tucana's Dream - check back in my shop, I only add them in one at a time but I'm restocked right now! :)

Cassie - Veganfox said...

Never mind! I got a copy today :)

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