Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Gift Guide for Guys

Today's guest post is a gift guide for those ever so hard to shop for guys!  Thanks to Neva for putting this awesome list together!  

Gift Guide for Guys

If you’re like me shopping for the males on your list is the hardest
part of holiday shopping.  The handmade options for your average guy
are somewhat limited.

First for some easy gifts—guys can usually use t-shirts for bumming
around, going to the gym, hanging out, or just every day use.  Get him
unique shirts so he’ll stand out from the crowd.

Kind of pricey, but nice for a husband, mohop thong sandals are a sure
bet.  We all know the guy who lives in his flip flops and then
complains his feet hurt, these are ergonomic, handmade and really
cool.  Perfect for pool parties, backyard barbeques and lounging

For the husband, boyfriend or brother who has to work in an office, or
dress up at times, but still wants to show his individuality , here
are some dressy but unique accessories for men.  Steampunk tie pins
and cuff links—so cool.

And unique awesome ties:

And finally, when all else fails, nobody ever turns down food.  Here
are some treats that should particularly appeal to the guys on your

Thanks for the great gift guide Neva!  

So what's your favorite item from Neva's Gift Guide?


1 comment:

Stacie said...

I wish my hubby worked in an office just so he could wear those cool cufflinks...loved the post!

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