Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vegan Tea Gift Guide

Today's Gift Guide is all about tea and comes from one of my favorite ladies on twitter, Jenn of Cookin' Vegan!  Enjoy!

Tea makes a wonderful holiday gift because it has the remarkable power to lift your spirits while warming your body and soul. I don’t think that anyone can argue the power that a hot cup of tea has had historically to help people keep calm and carry on, so what better gift to give someone you care about in these turbulent times. Plus, tea can be so much fun! Some tea companies are so clever and creative with their tea blends that the world of tea has become a foodie paradise.
I’m not a tea expert. I’m really more a super fan tea-nerd with a serious tea addiction. All of my tea recommendations are vegan. I’m a big supporter of boutique tea shops, but unfortunately some of my favorite small tea companies also have shipping schedules that may be too unreliable for gift giving.
52teas is an artisan tea company that some of the most creative blends I’ve ever come across. It’s no small wonder that Frank, the brains behind 52teas, is often referred to as the Willy Wonka of tea. Frank creates a new limited addition tea blend every week and some of my recent favorites have been Strawberry PancakeLime Jello Salad , and Raspberry Banana Honeybush.
There are also several delicious tea blends that have become part of the 52teas Permanent Collection and they’re always available for purchase. My favorites in this collection are Coconut Cream Pie, Strawberry Zabaglione , and Piña Colada Honeybush.
This holiday season Frank is offering a very cool way to sample twelve of his teas for the low, low price of $29.99. The 12 Teas of Christmas package includes samples of eleven of 52teas most popular blends and one brand new tea blend. What a great value! Another great gift idea from 52teas is Frank’s Tea of the Week/ Month Plans.
Frank is really great about making most of his tea blends vegan, but always be sure to check the ingredients for each blend before you make your purchase.
Butiki Teas
Butiki teas is a boutique tea company run by a sweetheart of a vegan gal named Stacy. I’m not going to pretend not to be in love with Stacy. Stacy offers some of the best teas I’ve ever tasted, and I love that I don’t have to research or question any of her ingredients because every single tea she sells is VEGAN!!!  A few of my favorite Butiki teas are Grape OolongRaspberry Truffle, and Pumpkin Crème Brulee.
Stacy offers beautiful gift baskets that are perfect for the holidays, and she’ll even make one especially for you to suit your personal taste and price range. 
Harney & Sons
Harney & Sons is the largest of the tea companies that I’ll mention here today. H&S sells very high quality tea at extremely reasonable prices. I’ve yet to come across a non-vegan tea in their huge tea selection, but I always read the ingredients for each tea blend carefully just in case. Some of my holiday favorites from H&S are White ChristmasHot Cinnamon Spice, and Holiday Tea.  
H&S offers a wide array of gift sets with something to suit everyone on your list, and many of the packages are under $50.
Indie Tea
Indie Tea is a family run artisan tea company that offers delicious, organic, fair trade, vegan tea blends for the independent spirit.  Carolyn, the brains behind the blends, is woman with a huge heart to match her incredible creativity. Indie Teas donates 5% of their sales every month to a different charity. AFAN, Aid for AIDS of Nevada, is the charity that Indie Tea is honoring for the month of December. You’ll get yummy tea and good karma with every purchase.
A few of my favorite blends from Indie are HOOPLA, (this is the amazing tea featuring vegan gummy bears pictured above in the small white bowl), Wise Man’s Caravans, and Sock it to Me. Indie Tea is offering a special 25% off plus FREE SHIPPING deal on your online order through December 31st if you enter “gotbrains” at checkout.
Tiesta Tea
Tiesta Tea is a relatively new tea company on the scene.  What I really like about this company is their focus on creating fun tea blends with a healthy focus. Also, Tiesta was founded by a group of university friends with a true love of tea. TEA-NERDS! Some of my favorite Tiesta Tea blends are Slenderizer Plum Bliss, Forever Young Kiwi Cherry Bonanza, and Relaxer Berry Pear-adise.  
Tiesta Tea is offering a Karma gift basket for the season featuring three decadent holiday tea blends for $40.

Thanks Jenn!  What tea sounds most delicious to you guys?



Celeste said...

Tea has to be one of the best gifts ever, I am ALWAYS delighted by the idea of a hot cup of tea, and on these cold winter days even more so!!

Wish I could try these!

Lainie Petersen said...

Great post with some wonderful suggestions. I am partial to Harney & Sons teas myself: Particularly their black breakfast blends.

missmuffcake said...

I want to try out some Butiki tea blends!

Chris said...

I got a gift box of Harney & Sons teas for my birthday this year and all the blends are very well done. I'm not a huge Earl Grey fan but H&S Earl Grey Supreme is very nice - more subtle than a lot of Earl Grays out there.

Spooky Vegan said...

Oh my goodness I love tea!

This is an amazing list and I want to try them all! :)

Stacie said...

As a fellow tea lover, I absolutely ADORED this post! I loved finding out about some funky different tea companies. Thanks for posting, I loved it!

thedarlingewe said...

Oh my, I have tea envy!

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