Monday, January 09, 2012

Ritz vs. The Wand

It's time for another cute little Ritz video, because really, what the internet needs is more cat videos, right? ;)

This is Ritz playing with his favorite toy, the Cat Dancer Cat Charmer wand, he has lots of fun with this thing!  If you have a kitty, you should really pick up one of these wands, it's the one toy at the shelter I work at that just about every cat loves.

What's your cat's favorite toy?



Lizzie Bordello said...

Kitty is kind of obsessed with the mouse pointer on the computer monitor - I think it's time for a laser pointer!

JFibers said...

Quote, "Cats are funny." Grant

GiGi said...

Awww. One of my cats is adverse to toys. And my other cat is partial to all things paper, and lying on books, and papers. My husband thinks Zule was a writer in his past life.

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