Monday, February 13, 2012

Fancy Dressin'

Since I have a bit of catching up to do in terms of blogging, I thought today I'd share some pictures of me in a rare state of fanciness.  The level of effort I put into my outfits really depends on my mood, or of course my occasion.  And what better occasion to dress up for than a wedding?  One of my friends from my weekly knitting group got married earlier this month (in a beautiful and personal ceremony that made me choke up a bit) so of course I had to put together a sassy outfit:

Hot pink blazer, dress covered in butterflies, and a unicorn necklace, this outfit is definitely me and I really loved how it came together.  Plus it was comfy which is important!  Here's a silly picture from the photobooth of my husband and I:

This wedding was a lot of fun, even though I was REALLY sick that night.  I had a really bad cold but I managed to stay through dinner.  Dinner was awesome, there was vegan risotto!  And my friends Tracy and Kathy benefited from sitting by vegans at a wedding:  they got our slices of cake.  One of my favorite moments from the wedding happened during dinner when my friend Tracy made a hilarious comment about how my boobs were looking that night.  The most wonderful thing about Tracy is her honesty and lack of filter, she always says whats on her mind, I love that!  


1 comment:

Mandi said...

Love this outfit! The blazer pulls it all together so well.

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