Thursday, April 19, 2012

Books on the Horizon

Today has been a crazy day.  And not crazy good either!  I don't want to do into too much detail, it's school financial aid related, so you know it's no fun.  Anyway, instead of wallowing in self pity I'm trying my best to keep my mind on the things I can control and the great things in my life.  And something that always cheers me up:  new cookbooks!  It seems like there are always five million new books that I HAVE TO HAVE so here are just a few that I'm looking forward to:

First and foremost, the Food in Jars cookbook, I love the blog so so much and I know the book is going to be amazing:

Which one looks the most tempting to you?



Kendy P said...

I have a few of those on my list too!

Hannah said...

Yippee, I'm so happy my book made your list! :)

I'm also pretty excited about the sandwich book... I got a little sneak peek, and it looks very promising indeed!

randipants said...

Food in Jars is on my wishlist! I love the FiJ blog & I really really really wanna learn to can this summer. My mother-in-law gave me the basic supplies for Xmas. Just gotta get up the nerve to try.

Marissa said...

They all look extremely promising, but I am mostly excited for the sandwich book because if there is one thing I LOVE - it's sandwiches. Nom Nom. :)

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