Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Mystery Unveiled

Thanks to the super awesome yarny ninja powers of my friend....I never know if it's okay to use real names on my blog, so I'll go with her Ravelry name, Tamarisk.....the mystery of the mystery yarn has been solved!  And it turns out I was right about a few things:  it is indeed hand dyed, from Canada, and contains bamboo.  The yarn is Bamboo Fingering from Dye-Version in the Emerald City colorway.  

Ms. Tamarisk's detective work and comment to me on twitter of "I am a very specialized and largely useless ninja" got me thinking about something I think about fairly often - superpowers that are highly specialized and rarely useful.  But when they are useful, it's amazing, like in my mystery yarn situation.  My cat Ritz's superpower of finding the most comfy spot in the room (especially if he can steal my chair when I get up to go to the bathroom) is not entirely useful, at least not to anyone but Ritz.  But he seems happy:


My husband's superpower is that he can taste food from a restaurant and pick out all of the individual ingredients that went in, not a lifesaving power, but useful nonetheless.  

As for me, my superpower exists mainly to drive myself crazy:  I have a crazy knack for finding continuity errors in films and television.  Continuity errors are things in movies that are different scene to scene when they shouldn't be.  For example, in one shot the actor's beer bottle is empty, the scene cuts away to the guy he's talking to at the bar and when they cut back, the beer bottle is full or at half level.  Little things like that drive me nuts!  And I'm not even making an effort to be obnoxious and look for errors, it just seems insanely obvious.  For example, the movie The Time Traveler's Wife had a scene where one of the actors had a white piece of string appear and disappear as they would cut back and forth to her in a conversation, the final edit of the scene used bits from at least two takes, one where the string was removed and one where it was left during the shoot.  

In another life, if I had stayed in L.A. and followed the path expected and worked in film or television like my family and friends, I bet I would be happiest as a script supervisor, basically the person who makes sure errors like that don't happen.  You might also know the job as "script girl" -  the less than politically correct name that the job was known by not so long ago.

So what is your awesome yet not entirely useful superpower?



Chelsea said...

I have the same "should I use real names?" hesitation with my blog! For the record, I'm fine with being identified by name - I figure meeting my husband online means I should be as real as I can be. :)

Shane's super power sounds awesome! You should warn him, next time I'm down in Missouri I'm going to bring back some of my fave beans and rice from the local veggie/vegan restaurant and see if he can help me recreate the spice profile.

randipants said...

I'm most helpful when it comes to otherwise useless movie trivia.

Also, continuity errors? Are. the. worst. I think your superpower is actually an important social good.

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