Monday, June 25, 2012

Twin Cities Pride!

This past weekend was the 40th annual Twin Cities Pride Festival!  This was my first time attending, Shane and I worked the Feline Rescue booth on Saturday and it was a blast!  Lots of smiling, greeting, handing out literature, and talking to people about our rescue organization.  And of course we all supported Minnesotans United for All Families' efforts to defeat the proposed marriage amendment and wore our stickers proudly. Here's me in the booth:

Pride 2012 - Feline Rescue Booth

We also collected donations and sold t-shirts and rainbow cat blankets like these:

Pride 2012 - Feline Rescue Booth

I was quite chuffed that I made a sale of 2 blankets to a woman who thought the $10 price was too steep, I convinced her by telling her that they were handmade, which they were!  

After our shift was over, we walked around to check out the other booths, but the fest was so huge and winding that I think we missed some stuff.  By the time we got home our legs and feet were killing us, so maybe it's best that we didn't make it through every single booth.  I got a temporary tattoo from Affinity Credit Union that is still on right now, my skin just won't give it up!  Shane's came off right away, but mine is stuck on like glue:

Pride 2012

Overall, it was a super fun event with lots of people in awesome, festive moods, especially those who visited our booth, there was lots of cooing over the pictures of our kitty residents.  

Did you celebrate Pride this year?



Nadia said...

No I didn't go, but I would like to one year, just to see what a Pride day is like. But then I would have to travel to a larger city or wait until I make my move.

Carla said...

Ooo, sounds like you had a lovely day! My cities Pride is a bit later than usual, (which means SDCC is earlier; during my birthday!) so I've got a bit of time to wait.

Adi Pantera said...

That looks like so much fun! Those blankets are so darn cute by the way!

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