Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Namaste Review - Harlow

You know it's going to be a good day when a new Namaste bag arrives, you just know it:


If you're a long time reader, you might recall that I'm a big time Namaste fan, they make beautiful, functional bags out of high quality vegan and pvc-free materials - what's not to love?  So when Vegan Cuts gave me the opportunity to review a Namaste bag of my choice, I was thrilled!  Choosing a bag from their awesome selection was TOUGH, but I eventually chose Harlow because it looked the most versatile.  You never know when you'll want short straps, long straps or handles, or at least I don't (I love options!)  And both sets of handles/straps are detachable, so you don't have to always have both on at the same time. 


Last night, I put it to the ultimate test, trusting it to carry all of my usual purse junk, a knitting project, and a finished shawl out to a pub to meet up with knitting friends.  I was very pleased with how much the bag could hold, I carried along a good sized shawl in progress, a finished shawl, and all of my notions and had no problem with space.  Here's an inside shot:


The bag also has lots and lots of pockets, which I love because pockets make it much harder for me to lose my stuff!  I also gave my bag the textbook test, and it can indeed fit books and a knitting project, making it perfect for toting along to the library or coffee shop for some out of the house study time.  Finally, the bag itself is just beautiful and well designed, Harlow got quite a few compliments last night so that was fun.  

So if you guys are in the market for a new bag (for school, as a diaper bag, for work...) then be sure to order from Vegan Cuts, they're offering free shipping on Namaste bags!  Signing up for Vegan Cuts is free and easy (and no, you don't have to be vegan!) - so head over, sign up and let yourself be tempted by the great deals on cool products. Vegan Cuts is a deal site full of vegan fashion, food, gifts, and more, so there's something for everybody.  And I also have a coupon code to share with you guys!  Use code BLOGFRIEND for 10% off your order of anything from Vegan Cuts (from now until Halloween of this year; does not apply to shipping.) - Disclosure notice:  I was not paid for this review, but I received this bag free from Vegan Cuts and Namaste, all opinions are my own.  

So which Namaste bag from Vegan Cuts do you like best?



Cadry said...

Vegan Cuts offered you the Namaste bag of your choice for a review?! How stinkin' lucky are you?! Good choice on the Harlow. I've admired that one on their site as well. I haven't tried any Namaste bags yet, but I've been curious about them. I love their playful colors and fun styles. Plus, that water bottle holder pocket is so functional!

On the Namaste site or Vegan Cuts site, I haven't seen the Harlow bag next to a person's body to get a sense of the size. That's something that would be helpful to better understand if it's more of an everyday bag or just for when I have a lot to tote.

Thanks for the great review!

kala said...

You're right Cadry, I should take a picture of it while wearing it to show the size better. It's really big though, perfect for days when you have A LOT to tote around, but not so huge that you feel like you're carrying luggage around ;)

Amie said...

I am in love with this bag. Gorgeous colour!! Looks perfectly big without appearing overbearing too.

Anna said...

I'm totally jealous, I love that bag! I went to look and it's too expensive for me, but Vegan Cuts drives me insane with how few offers are open internationally, even if I could afford one they wouldn't ship it to me...

Enjoy your bag and your studies, 2 weeks and my nose is back to the grindstone, I've taken the summer off while my boys are at home!

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