Friday, August 03, 2012

They're multiplying...

You know what happens when you visit a 50% sale at a yarn shop and find the will not to buy anything?  You buy another hula hoop.  Yes, I might have a problem.  But it's a very fun problem!  Shane and I spent a lovely (although very hot) day in Stillwater and Hooperina (my hoop pusher) was there in her booth at the town's local summer market, and I came home with a larger, and much easier to use hula hoop.  A bigger hoop makes such a huge difference, it takes so little effort to keep it going!  It's not as much of a cardio workout as a smaller hoop, but it's good for relaxing, and for practicing tricks.  That's right, tricks.

Random squirrel photo because I hate posting without a picture:

Squirrel Magnet Set

Oh, and to answer the question about which podcast I heard about hooping, it was on an episode of the High Fiber Diet, the episode didn't go in depth, but it sparked my interest so yay!  

In other news, I'm on summer vacation!  My last summer class (World Politics) just ended and I got another A, pretty spiffy.  So now I don't have to use my brain until the end of August.  So far, I've been using the time to get a lot of reading done and to catch up on housework.  And trying to hold on during the ever so exciting financial aid roller coaster, whee!  Speaking of which, be sure to keep an eye on my Etsy shop, I'll be adding more goodies to raise money for school expenses (OF WHICH THERE ARE MANY.)


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