Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  I'm excited, my favorite holiday has arrived!  To start the sugar rush early, I made a little treat to share at knit night last night:

Mmmm, Halloween!

Cute, right?  They're peanut butter filled pretzels drizzled with chocolate and topped with Halloween sprinkles.  Not exactly homemade, but as someone at knitting last night said, they're "embellished."  I'm okay with that, the level of homemade has definitely dropped since I started full-time school, you know how it goes!  

So what are you guys up to for Halloween this year?



Michelle said...

Those nuggets are almost too cute to eat- almost... :-D

affectioknit said...

So CUTE!...and yummy looking!

~Have a lovely day!

Spooky Vegan said...

So adorable and yummy looking!

And so easy too...I gotta try these! :D

Happy Halloween!!!

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