Monday, October 01, 2012

Hello October

Hey guys, long time no see!  Unless you are the inside of a textbook, you probably haven't seen my face nearly as much as usual.  School is awesome, challenging, and takes up a lot of time, but I'm enjoying it so it's all good.

And you know what I'm super excited about?  It's October!  THE MOST AWESOME MONTH OF ALL!  The weather is gorgeous and very fall-like which I highly approve of, those epic days of summer were a bit much for me.  It's also the time when I get to make things like this:

It's a new magnet, available in my shop, celebrating my favorite holiday of all-time: Halloween!  I've also been doing some seasonally appropriate canning, but I'll talk more about that later this week when I review a  canning book that I'm thoroughly in love with.

Are you guys excited about the change in season?  Gearing up for Halloween?


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Marissa Rath said...

Yes! October is my favourite month. Our one year wedding anniversary is coming up on the 5th and I got my hubby a baby kitten as his present. So, I am a new kitty mama. :) can't wait for Halloween. My daughter is going as a pirate.

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