Friday, October 26, 2012

YA to the rescue!

Hi guys!  I know, I fail at blogging this month, sorry!

You know what you do a lot of in college?  Read.  And write.  And all of that reading and writing, while wonderful, leaves very little room for leisure reading.  I would say pleasure reading, but that sounds kind of dirty.  Not that there's anything wrong with dirty.  Oh never mind!  Anyway, with so little time for extra reading, I've been turning to young adult fiction.  I've even been fancy and seasonally appropriate with my choices this month, I just finished reading The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury:

Awesome book, very short and easy to read and it has such a great lesson about the importance of self-sacrifice and friendship.  If you get a chance to see the animated version, it's pretty good too.  Now I'm working on The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman:

It's really good so far, I'm going to have to steal some time away this weekend to read more of it.  And speaking of Neil Gaiman, have you heard about All Hallows Read?  Gaiman is starting a tradition where you give someone a scary book in the week of or the night of Halloween, isn't that awesome?

What are some of your favorite scary books?


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abetterjulie said...

Those are great choices. I recently stumbled across Catherynne Valente and her rich, dark worlds of bone money, hedgehog traps, and a woman made of tea leaves. I highly recommend her work. I have never read someone with such poetic language and original monsters.

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