Saturday, March 16, 2013

Come on, weave me!

You know how you visit a yarn store and the yarn actually SPEAKS to you?  Like, it might say, "hey, you know you want me, I would make the most fabulous sweater you have ever seen!"  Or it might say "that's right, I'm $47 a skein, but you will stay awake all night thinking about me if you don't buy me so just give in." That happens, right?  Well, today, this yarn said, "weave me!"


Three skeins of Origami, a Berroco yarn.  I just had to buy these guys, the yarn is super pretty and it was half off!  You know I can't pass up a yarn deal.  I'm not sure what I'll make with it, but I think it will be used for my very first weaving project.  I bought a Cricket loom the other day and I'm just itching to learn how to weave!

Do any of you guys weave?  Does yarn speak to you in the store?



Ammie Cannon said...

Yes, I buy yarn more often than not. It ALL speaks to me. This Origami is really lovely stuff. I wove before I had little kids, who too easily pull at yarns and mess with warp tensions. I think this yarn will be really pretty woven, especially with its pretty speckles.

JFibers said...

Oh... for Pete's sake!!! Can you and I just get together and I'll teach you how to weave and you can teach me how to crochet?!?!?!

JFibers said...

p.s. the yarn is pretty... and you know I buy a boat load of yarn like this... you've seen me do it!!! hee hee

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