Monday, March 18, 2013

Hue Shift

Something crazy happened yesterday.  I knit.  I didn't just knit, I knit for an EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME.  This semester is absolutely killing me, but this week there is a bit of a break since some, no not all, of my classes are giving us a Spring Break.  So I'm knitting again, which is so nice!  I started the Hue Shift Afghan last night while watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (cute movie by the way!):

Hue shift in progress

Of course, anything I put on the dining table, Ritz has to investigate.  The yarn was a gift from my husband for Christmas, it's a kit for the rainbow version of the blanket.  This will be one of my twelve stash projects for the year and my very first knit blanket, yay!

have you knit or crocheted a blanket before?



JFibers said...

yea for knitting!!! I started spinning today. You should have seen Miles try to touch the yarn over and over again..

Adi said...

I really love the colors! My mom knows how to knit and crochet a blanket. I love her. :)

Mujercita said...

Be careful- that blanket is kind of addictive! You just want to keep knitting one more square...I'm currently on the fourth quarter of the jewel tone version.

DrChopSuey said...

Yay for knitting! Pretty colors too!

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