Monday, May 20, 2013

Return of the Parking Lot Garden!

Longtime readers (and those of you who know me in "real life") might remember my parking lot garden.  You see, we live in an apartment in the city, so traditional garden space is not something we have access to.  So I decided a few years ago to not let that stop us from growing veggies and herbs.  The solution:

This is the motley collection of pots that I have set up in our building's parking lot.  In this picture we have radishes, cilantro, chocolate habanero, mini bell pepper, tomato, kale, chocolate mint, oregano, and more.  But the thing I'm most excited about this year is that other neighbors are joining in on the gardening fun!  It's been great to see pots of all sorts of edibles and flowers popping up in the parking lot.

Do you guys garden?  What are you growing this year?



Adi said...

That seems so fun! I live in an apartment too now and we have a spacious balcony for plants, but the neighbors downstairs don't really allow us to enjoy it because they're always smoking. -___-

Do make sure to give us an update when they start sprouting! :)

randipants said...

I just got my containers set up for the year - a bunch of herbs, my lemon tree, and some strawberries. And I have a plot in the community garden this year! I've got some tomatoes, celery, peppers and lavender going there.

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