Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The thing about yoga...

Are any of you guys into yoga?  You know, I've tried several times to get into it, to try to quiet my mind...but it just doesn't work for me!  I'm doing this crazy two week workout thing as a personal mental/physical challenge deal, and on the days we're not doing intense circuit training, we're either doing yoga or pilates.  Today was yoga.  Yoga that I had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to attend.  Outside.  On a track field.  

So part of the yoga deal is clearing your mind and letting go of your thoughts, right?  Well, for me it's more like, sort of not thinking about worries but instead thinking about random things like:

"hey, the girl next to me has the same nail polish on her toes as I do!"

"is this real grass...it doesn't feel like real grass..."

"whoa, that guy is hopping up the bleachers, crazy!"

"whoa, that girl's butt is getting really close to my face!"

"hey, that lady is just as bad at this as I am, yay!"

"I hope I don't fall asleep lying here on the mat"

"ah, my leg is falling asleep!"

So to any of you who can namaste your way to inner peace and meditate your way through Gumby-worthy positions, I salute you, but I don't think I will ever join your ranks!  Honestly, I'm able to get rid of my worries and feel the most at peace during really intense cardio or weight training.

What are your thoughts on yoga?



randipants said...

I'm so into yoga I went so far as to get certified and have taught. And I think yoga works because it's different things to different people, so for some the point may be getting to that place of meditative calm and for others it might just be about getting Madonna arms (both worthy goals!).

That being said, the whole "clear your mind" thing is absolutely the hardest part of the practice for me. I'm no great meditator and I find it very easy to get distracted in class. I think the main thing for me, though, is that I really enjoy doing yoga and I love how I feel after and what it does for my body overall. So I can kind of push through the distracted mind stuff when it pops up because there are other benefits for me.

It's definitely not for everyone, though. I think it's awesome that you're so willing to give it a try that you'll get up at 4:30 and go practice outside! But that's a lot to sustain if you're not really getting anything personally out of the practice.

Adi said...

The first time I ever tried yoga was in middle school for P.E. I recently started again but gave up because if something gets me off track for one day then the rest just gets ruined and I stop; bad habit, I know. :(

When I do yoga though I prefer to do it alone rather than in a crowd of people. I stay more focused and I make sure that the room I choose to be in doesn't have many distractions.


Broogie said...

I love yoga, I took a class through my university, and yes, the meditation is difficult, but our instructor focused on the yamas and niyamas, which were critical to my learning. I still had really hard time in the class, but I'm glad I persisted. I wanted to drop out so many times, but now im glad I didn't. If getting up at 4:30 isn't good for you, find a different class environment, or buy a DVD. You may come to like it in time.

kunstdame said...

you're crazy... i find it interesting that despite the fact you are a shy introverted person, your mind has so many silly things on in there... this may be why i like you so much. you and i think the same things only i'm the loud girl in the back giggling the whole time and saying them out loud! miss you and p.s. i love yoga!

Michelle said...

Although yoga might not be for everyone (I'm certainly no regular practitioner) I do think finding a way to quiet you mind, even for 10 minutes is incredibly healthy. I took a university course on Contemplative practices in the world last semester and was so incredibly close to a 4.0 semester, not to mention overall happier and healthier. Meditation doesn't have to even be sitting there with your eyes closed, if your interested you should google mindful excersises. I attribute mindful based eating to leading me to veganism :),

unionjgirl said...

I've done some yoga off and on since high school, I keep meaning to join another class at the gym. Just to get a different pace of workout to go with my running and other classes.

One thing I will say, though, is that I find other workouts with strength and aerobic exercises, where I'm concentrating on making it through the reps and feeling like my muscles are turning to goo, to be mind-centering in their own way. When all I can think about is getting through one more push-up, it doesn't leave me any room in my brain for worrying about work, or even looking at the nail polish of the person next to me.

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