Friday, July 19, 2013

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!

You guys, you might not know this, but I kinda really love grab bags.  When I was a youngin' I used to buy Sanrio grab bags all the time - granted, I was mostly disappointed by what was inside, but I still enjoyed the thrill!  So when I read about the new Beauty Boxes being offered from Vegan Cuts, I just had to order one! You guys may remember that I did a Namaste bag review for Vegan Cuts sometime last year, but for this review, I bought the Beauty Box myself.  Just so you know :)  Anyway, my box arrived today, here's what I got:

Stuff!  I'm pretty excited about the little Namaste pouch, I love them as you know!  But the sleeper hit for me was the peanut butter lip balm from the Fanciful Fox.  I was skeptical, but it smells fantastic and goes on incredibly smooth, love it!  I can definitely see myself ordering more lip balm from them in the future; both butter pecan and blueberry cheesecake sound pretty fantastic.

I'm excited to try all of the other goodies inside the box, but I thought I should at least do a quick post to share what I got!

Again, although I have received free stuff to review from Vegan Cuts in the past, this one is a purchase made by me, not that my views would be skewed either way, but I want you guys to know what's going on.  And I know that they used to do some sort of reward thing for links and clicks (or maybe I'm just crazy) but I was too lazy to go through e-mails so I just used regular links :)  Yay for laziness?

Have any of you tried the Vegan Cuts Snack Boxes?  I'm tempted, but with my shared dairy equipment allergy issues I'm a little wary that I'd get something I couldn't eat.



Chelsea said...

I covet your Namaste pouch.

That is all.

Mary said...

I have the same concerns about the vegan snack box, for the same reason. But the Beauty box might be worth checking out. I love the namaste bag.

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