Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October Madness!

Candy corn

How's everyone's October treating them?  This month has been a little crazy, but definitely fun.  I try to get all of my schoolwork done by Friday afternoon, then the weekend is MINE! So far, we've gone to a haunted house (if you're local, you need to go to Fright Farm, it's awesome), both monster movie and zombie themed improv at Huge Theater, apple orcharding at Aamodt's, and more.  We have a ridiculous amount of activities planned for this weekend - gotta pack in all that Halloween fun!

As for projects, I picked out a spooky sock pattern called Faces in the Wallpaper which was inspired by the movie The Haunting.  I finished the first sock last night, and hopefully I'll get a fair amount of knitting later today.  Yay for spooky socks!    

If you're still looking for a fun Halloween project, I just saw this super adorable embroidery pattern from the new pattern company, Red Letter Day Stitches.  And, it's a free pattern!  Here's a picture of the piece from the Red Letter Day Stitches site:

Cute, right?  I just might need to squeeze this project in before Halloween season is over!

So what crafty things are you guys up to this month?



Smellyann said...

Those candy corns are adorbs!!

Adi. said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I'm still not sure of what I might be doing on Halloween day (except eat tons of candy!)

That embroidery pattern is very cute by the way! This definitely makes me miss my needles and threads.</3

Dayana Knits said...

Oh I never saw those faces in the wallpaper socks! So spooky and SO cool. thanks!

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