Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dyeing Sock Yarn!

Today I got together with a couple of friends to dye some sock yarn!  It was fun, although I'm thinking that two of my skeins are going to come up....somewhat barfy.  But that's okay, if I really hate them, I can always over dye them later.  Or shun them.  Here's the one that I think is gonna be purty:

Here's a picture of Chelsea working on one of her skeins:

For the most part, the yarn we used was Panda Cotton.  Chelsea found a place where you can buy the stuff undyed, so we all went in on an order.  I also dyed a skein of Pediwick that I got for Christmas.  So after the dye sets, I'll have three pairs of socks worth of hand dyed goodness, yay!  Once everything is set, rinsed, and dry, I'll show off my yarn...even the ugly skeins.  

Have you ever dyed yarn?  What kind of yarn and dye did you use?

Note: while I have done design work for Crystal Palace, maker of Panda Cotton, and have received yarn from them for free or as payment in the past, we paid for this yarn ourselves and our opinions are our own.


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Quinn said...

Yep! I've kettle-dyed sock yarn with black walnut hulls, and tried a more "painty" approach with Koolaid. The KA was much easier, but I really enjoyed the botanical dyeing more, as I did all the prep work, etc.
Really fun, isn't it? I was just thinking today about whether to dye more yarn and knit something, OR knit something and then dye it - have never tried that before!

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