Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Post Vacation

Coming back from vacation is so hard!  Especially when you spend a week in California and come back to arctic dooom!  I'll be sharing more photos from vacation soon, especially the food.  Seriously, we ate SO MUCH AMAZING VEGAN FOOD!  

Speaking of doom, Spring semester had started.  And even though it's only the first week of classes, I already have a hilarious amount of work and reading to get done.  But I always seem to get things done, so I guess I'll be okay.

And you know what I did today?  I actually knit!  It's amazing!  I pulled out a scarf I've been working on for way too long and got that going again.  I'm also thinking about joining the Follow Your Arrow KAL, mostly because a certain Chelsea I know gave me the "do it" eyes!

Are any of you guys doing the KAL?  My main issue is that I can't decide what yarn to pick....I'm also wondering if I should go for a solid shawl or do the striped option, hmmmm.  I really am a sucker for stripes though, so I'm guessing that I'll head in that direction.


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