Monday, June 16, 2014

No parking in the river

Yesterday, two of my friends and I went on a trip to Stillwater, a cute little town not too far from the Twin Cities proper.  The St. Croix river was weirdly high, making this sign a little ridiculous:

Normally, this sign is not underwater!  The whole sidewalk and chain fence was submerged.  Despite river weirdness, it was a beautiful afternoon:

We had a picnic lunch on a bench near the river, and Chelsea posed majestically for me:

The main reason for the trip was to visit Darn Knit Anyway, isn't their window display fun?

What are some of your favorite day trip destinations?



affectioknit said...

Looks like a fun outing!

~Have a lovely day!

Laurie in Mpls. said...

I so need to get up there! I've been through Stillwater, but not actually explored the town proper.

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