Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Strawberry nub and wee peppers - a parking lot garden update

The parking lot garden continues to flourish, even with the extreme wind and pelting rain of this past weekend.  One of my alpine strawberry plants has a wee berry nub going:

Cute, right?  I have no idea if I'll get a ripe berry before the squirrels, bunnies, or birds get to them, but I'll certainly try!  I've never actually had an alpine strawberry before, but I've heard they're pretty delicious - please report if any of you have had one.

My pepper plant is popping out peppers, yay!

I never grow enough peppers to keep up with our consumption or the amount needed for canning, but it's still super rewarding to add some spice using a homegrown pepper.  

My indigo rose tomato also has a wee tomato developing:

I can't wait, I don't think I've had this variety before.  Apparently the theme of this year's garden is "grow things you've never even tasted before!"


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