Friday, June 06, 2014

Summer knitting in public

Usually, the summer heat and the pull of outdoor fun and excitement make it hard for me to care about knitting.  One strategy for keeping knitting going in the summer is to work on something you take outside.  This usually means small projects like socks, but I've been toting a worsted weight shawl around and stealing little moments of productivity.  Said shawl (please excuse my black and white moment):

This shawl has come along with me to the park and also out to a restaurant, which rarely happens unless I'm out with my knitting friends.  Do you knit at restaurants?  I'm not sure why I don't, but it definitely helps pass the time while I'm waiting for some kind of delicious awesomeness. 

What about theaters?  I've only knit once at a theater, I went alone to see an awful slasher movie while they were installing a new heating system in our old apartment.  I pulled my knitting out and was super excited that I was the only person in the whole theater!  But of course, some random straggler came in and ruined my solo glee.  I felt too weird to keep knitting, I think I was worried I was making a racket or something, which is kind of ridiculous really.  

Where do you like to knit in public?



Adi Robles said...

I used to make quick sewing adjustments to some garments in the school bus when I was in high school. Everyone said I looked like a grandma! xD I would also do embroidery and other neat stuff in public. Everyone was just curious to see what I was making. :)

P.S: Empty theaters are the best!<3

affectioknit said...

it's so pretty!

~Have a lovely day!

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