Saturday, July 26, 2014

Clothing Swap - do it!

You know what's super fun?  Getting cute new clothes and giving old clothes new homes with your friends!  Last weekend, a couple of my lady pals and I decided to dig through our closets to find stuff we were tired of, stuff that no longer fit, and stuff that just needed to find a new home.  Here's a less than great pic of some of the awesomeness I ended up with after the swap:

You guys, I got 9 pairs of jeans!  I have never owned nine pairs of nice fitting jeans in my life, this is magical.  I'm so excited that I won't need to buy new jeans for this fall and winter, wheeee!  I also got some basic tanks which is great because I'm never good at picking up basic items when I'm shopping, and some other cute tops to add to my wardrobe.  

We also encountered a pair of cursed, haunted pants that managed to be ill-fitting on all of us, in different ways.  Bad pants!  

Have you ever done a clothes swap before?  If not, you should, it's a lot of fun!  


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