Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Laceweight, please grow faster!

After knitting so many shawls with sock weight yarn or heavier, I think I got used to quickish shawls.  But of course, a laceweight shawl knit on size 2 needles is not going to zip along super quick.  But it's looking very cheerful and summery:

Cute, right?  You might notice that I ripped the patterned shawl out and started again on a very basic one. The pattern was nice enough, but I couldn't work on it at knit nights without messing up.  And that doesn't really work since I don't knit all that much outside of knitting get togethers.  Hopefully I'll finish this shawl before summer is over!

Do you have a favorite weight of yarn to work with?



ElleS said...

I love the colours, they really pop. I can't even imagine doing something so fine and delicate, I am a sports weight fan for sure.

Aimee Dars said...

I am a fan of the colors, too. I don't mind sock weight, but think I like dk/worsted more!

Lovlie said...

I love chunky weight or worsted if I am doubling them, otherwise I don't think I could finish any knit item quick enough. I like the colours you've used. I haven't knitted anything for Summer. I usually start my Winter projects in Summer. ;)

Michelle said...

Most of my projects seem to end up being DK. I've recently started working on a laceweight shawl too (my first ever foray into laceweight) and it's taking forever, but that might be because I keep messing up and frogging.

Feeling the urge to knit something with huge super chunky yarn now, to make up for it :D

SecondStoryLoft said...

The slow speed is all that I don't like about lace weight knitting cause I really love the fine fabrics!
I also really love the colors in that yarn. Gorgeous!

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