Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Urban Nature

I love living in a city, even a small city like St. Paul.  I've lived in big cities and in teeny tiny rural areas, and city life is where it's at for me.  Being able to walk to so many great places and not having to drive far to get the basics is awesome.  One of the cool things about the Twin Cities is how easy it is to enjoy natural beauty without heading out to the country.  One of my favorite places in Minneapolis is Minnehaha Park.  It even has a waterfall!

Nice, right?  

There are also lots of beautiful structures to explore:

I feel very lucky that at after a day of enjoying all of the city things that urban life has to offer, we can head over to such a gorgeous, peaceful area and enjoy a little bit of nature.  

What are some of your favorite places where you live?


Kendy P said...

i think a day in nature every once in awhile is something our bodies crave! it recharges us!

ElleS said...

Beautiful pictures! I do miss living in a big city from time to time, but I need lots of nature all around me :) I do love that you have a waterfall right in your city, that's amazing.

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