Friday, August 08, 2014

Jewelry storage tip

I always have trouble figuring out how to store jewelry.  I hang some of my necklaces in my bathroom organization rack thing, but that is not always ideal, especially for small pieces.  After watching various youtube videos and looking at organization ideas on Pinterest, I got the idea to use a notions case:

It works really well!  The tiny compartments would be great for earrings too, for those who can wear earrings (grumble grumble, stupid allergies!) I'm pretty amped that my shawl pin even fits inside - I am constantly losing that little guy. This would be great for travel too.

How do you like to store your jewelry?  



affectioknit said...


~Have a lovely day!

AniqaDreams said...

I like to store my jewelry in tiny boxes that I put in a bigger box with a cute design. It gets messy way to easily with the jewelry. I like your idea, too :)

AniqaDreams said...

Too* Grammar is not my friend today.

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